SE Intellect Wave Chair

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Intelligent Classroom Seating

Durability that passes every test.

Engineered to withstand the toughest classroom use, Intellect Wave chairs are incredibly durable and their clean visual form creates a fresh modern look. Elliptical tubing provides superior strength and the lightweight polypropylene shells resist scratching, fading, chipping and denting. The unique shell design has all the proper curves to support functionality and ergonomics in the classroom. The result is classroom seating that gives you years of low maintenance service.

Seating that performs brilliantly

Comfortable student seating should be viewed as an investment – not an expense. Students spend more time seated in classrooms than ever before. Pressure on both schools and students to perform well on standardised tests often results in supplemental instruction which can mean less recess or physical education time.


  • Wide and passive flexing back offers greater ergonomic support and comfort
  • Elliptical tubing is twice as thick as round tubing making it stronger and more durable
  • The poly shells feature a ribless back and interior welds on the bottom of the chair, making it easy-to-clean
  • Integral handle enables easy movement
  • Conforms to all tests for back strength and durability, seating drop, seating impact and leg strength
  • Stacking
  • Optional dolly for easy transportation


Specifications Cantilever Chair 4-Leg Chairon Castors
W x D x H
Seat Height
Overall Height
Large Cantilever-516mm x 520mm x 812mm
Seat Height 457mm
Large 4 Leg500mm x 520mm x 812mm
Seat Height 457mm

Frame Options:

Plastic Seat Options:



Upholstered Seat Options:

  • Seat pads and backrests can be upholstered


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