HF0020 Knee Walker

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A mobility device for foot or ankle injuries for patients who cannot bear weight on the affected area.

  • A great short term alternative to crutches which can have adverse effects such as under arm pain from extended use
  • Patient flexes knee, and padded platform pad supports the shin of the unusable limb
  • The opposite foot makes contact with the floor, providing propulsion
  • Folding frame for storage and transportation
  • Height adjustable moulded handles
  • Handbrakes can be locked for added stability
  • Large 8″ castors for greater manoeuvrability and mobility outdoors
Knee Pad Width Knee Pad Length Knee Pad Height Overall Width Overall Length Handle Height Weight Max User Weight
190mm 3800mm 420-510mm 450mm 820mm 770-920mm 12.4kg 150kg